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particularly gentle on the bore through brushless cleaning process!

Our Bore Blitz is user-friendly and very simply to use for weapon cleaning. The cleaning occurs through a precisely defined pressure which works on the inside of the run. For this provides an especially developed fabric tape.

  • user-friendly by an easy use
  • optimum oil distribution by trained oil reservoir- careful run cleaning
  • careful run cleaning
  • patented since 2009

Maximum cleansing effect - run-carefully as never before!

The BoreBlitz run cleaning cord cleans quickly and efficiently, by simply drawn through the barrel of the gun.
Besides, the pipe inside is oiled at the same time.

To get the BoreBlitz through the pipe, the brass weight from the cartridge side must be introduced

BoreBlitz liegend

Through an integrated attachment detergent reservoir, the applied detergent is optimally distributed evenly and thinly over the whole run during the drawing.

After cleaning with BoreBlitz the barrel is maintained again.

For a longer storage it is recommended, even to distribute gun oil in the barrel by help of the BoreBlitz. For this gun care oil is added to the respective oil reservoir and the BoreBlitz pulled back through the barrel. The process can be repeated as often as desired.

The BoreBlitz is protected because no metallic material (except the brass weight) is pulled through the barrel and therefore unnecessary wear arises.

The BoreBlitz has been announced in 2009 by the European Patent Office for a worldwide patent.